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Price Match Guarantee

If you do find a lower price on the identical brand and model of an item from a competitor who has the item in stock and is able to electronically fulfill your, order we will gladly match it. The item must be a verifiable advertised price. Price comparisons will only be considered from US based retailers authorized to sell the products and in US currency. Items purchased through a price match are not available for financing. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-296-1529 or e-mail us and we will provide you with details on price verification and matching. Price matched orders can not be combined with any other offer or coupon. To determine the lowest price, please consider the full package including any shipping or taxes. We are unable to offer a low price guarantee for auctions, on one of a kind, surplus inventory, unfranchised lines or other limited quantity offers, when a bonus or free offer is included in the purchase, or when a competitor has improperly or unlawfully advertised a price.