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WAGO Products Available Online: Connectors, Terminals and More.

On-Line Electronics offers a comprehensive program of WAGO products for electrical interconnection, automation, and interface electronic technologies.

We are ready to meet every demand of our customers quickly and efficiently. We have a large stock of WAGO parts and components at any given time, and we can provide same-day shipping if orders are made by 3 PM MST. Moreover, we offer very competitive prices!

Our extensive lineup of products covers many applications and industries, including the automotive industry, railway systems, power engineering, manufacturing industry, building technology, lighting technology, marine and offshore engineering needs, and process industry.

We can provide you with a full WAGO price list and WAGO online catalog for any category. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive variety of accessories, including WAGO tools and WAGO nuts.


WAGO is an industry leader in electrical interconnection, automation, and interface electronic solutions, known for offering reliable products, ground-breaking technologies, and constant innovation. WAGO exists for over sixty years, a period in which they proved to be a reliable partner that can meet all customer challenges.

All categories are part of WAGO Innovative Connections that ensures quick and easy installation process.

WAGO Product Categories Offered by On-Line Electronics

WAGO Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks & DIN Rail Terminals

On-Line Electronics provides an extensive range of WAGO Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks and DIN Terminals, available in three actuation variants - lever, push-button, or operating slot.

Our rail-mount terminal blocks and DIN Terminals guarantee clean wire organization, outstanding durability, maintenance-free operation and have shown to be a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Every model in the lineup comes with WAGO's industry-proven spring pressure technology, which provides an excellent and vibration-proof connection. Individual categories of WAGO Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks and DIN Terminals are listed below:

  • Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks
  • Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with Pluggable Connector (X-COM®-SYSTEM)
  • Patchboard Systems
  • Terminal Strips
  • PUSH WIRE® Connectors for Junction Boxes
  • Lighting Connectors
  • Shield Connecting System

WAGO Ferrules

On-Line Electronics offers a comprehensive range of WAGO Ferrules, each designed for firm contact with the terminal and increased durability. Moreover, our ferrules are less susceptible to oxidation, while also ensuring a more robust and reliable connection. Individual categories of WAGO Ferrules are listed below:

  • WAGO ferrule crimping tool
  • Ferrule Connectors
  • Wire Ferrules
  • Uninsulated Ferrules
  • Insulated Ferrules
  • Twin ferrules

WAGO Fuses and WAGO Fuse Holders

On-Line Electronics provides an extensive range of WAGO Fuses, WAGO Fused Holders, and WAGO Fuse Terminal Blocks. The products are characterized by fast and easy disconnection, quick exchanging using a stand-by plug, no additional costs for assembly or wiring, and reliable replacement of fuses. Individual categories of WAGO Fuses and WAGO Fuse Holders are listed below:

  • WAGO Fuse Holder
  • WAGO Fuse Terminal Block
  • Circuit Protection
  • WAGO Fuse Plug

WAGO I/O Systems

On-Line Electronics offers a comprehensive range of WAGO I/O Systems designed for flexible operation in all environments and applications. All systems are Fieldbus-independent and follow all standard protocols and ETHERNET standards. Individual categories of WAGO I/O Systems are listed below:

  • WAGO Automation Technology
  • Solutions & Software
  • Programmable Fieldbus Controllers
  • Controllers
  • Modular I/O-SYSTEM, IP20
  • Industrial Switches
  • Radio Technology
  • IP67 Sensor/Actuator Boxes, IP67 Cables and Connectors

WAGO PCB Terminal Blocks and WAGO Connectors

On-Line Electronics provides a diverse variety of WAGO PCB Terminal Blocks and WAGO Connectors that covers most applications and guarantee seamless integration in any manufacturing process.

Our PCB terminal blocks and connectors ensure safe and straightforward installation, allow for horizontal and vertical arrangement of conductors, and can be tested both parallel and perpendicular to the conductor's entry.

Moreover, WAGO PCB Terminal Blocks and WAGO Connectors come with many proprietary technologies for quick termination like CAGE CLAMP® and PUSH-WIRE®. Individual categories of WAGO PCB Terminal Blocks and WAGO Connectors are listed below:

  • PCB Terminal Blocks
  • THR/SMD PCB Terminal Blocks
  • Pluggable PCB Terminal Blocks
  • Feedthrough Terminal Blocks
  • Specialty Connectors
  • Empty Housings

WAGO Circuit Breakers

On-Line Electronics offers a comprehensive lineup of WAGO Circuit Breakers available for any application. The parts are designed to give numerous benefits to our customers, including support for high-capacity loads, reliable protection against overload and short circuits, high-channel density, and support for one-, two-, four- and eight-channel configurations. Individual categories of WAGO Circuit Breakers are listed below:

  • WAGO Interface Electronic
  • WAGO Relay Boards (Relay and Optocoupler Modules)
  • Signal Conditioners and Isolation Amplifiers
  • Current and Energy Measurement Technology
  • Power Supplies
  • Interface Modules and System Wiring
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Empty Housings

WAGO Pluggable Connectors

On-Line Electronics provides an extensive program of WINSTA® WAGO Pluggable Connection System. The WAGO Wire Connectors are designed for quick and straightforward installation, secure clamping force courtesy of the spring pressure connection technology, proprietary push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination technology for solid or ferruled connectors, and secure protection against mismating. Individual categories of WAGO Pluggable Connectors are listed below:

  • WAGO Pluggable Connection System WINSTA®
  • Pluggable Connectors
  • Snap-In Device Connectors
  • Pluggable PCB Connectors
  • Distribution Connectors
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Flat Cable Systems
  • Distribution Boxes

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